Hurricane Katrina


Below are the powerpoint presentations from the Katrina Forum which was held on September 25th and 26th, 2006.

Presentation Title


Flood Mitigation for Structures in the Gulf Coast Region

Norma Jean Mattei
University of New Orleans

Resilient Energy Systems: The CHP Solution

Daniel Bullock
Director, Gulf Coast CHP Applications Center

"Is Our Present Technology Reliable Enough To Maintain Accurate Records On Wind And Storm Surges During Hurricanes Along Coastal Regions?"

Subhash Kulkarni, President, Kulkarni Consultants, Structural and Civil Engineers

"Intrinsic Vulnerabilities in Network Infrastructure"

Bernard L. Malone III
Technical Manager Wireless Networks, Lucent Technologies

"A Reborn Network for a Reborn City - Engineering the Restoration"

Robert Suarez, Director - Engineering, Bellsouth Telecommunications, Inc.

"Performance of Bridges During Hurricane Katrina"

Reginald DesRoches, PhD
Associate Professor and Associate Chair Georgia Institute of Technology

"Rebuilding Broadband Infrastructure following Katrina - Lessons Learned"

Greg Bicket, Vice President and Regional Manager
Michael Latino, Vice President of Engineering
Cox Communications Louisiana

"Survivability Considerations for Design of Government Wireless Systems"

Clay Whitehead, Customer Solutions Architect - Motorola, Inc.

"Overview of the New Orleans Hurricane Protection System (HPS)"

Peter Nicholson, Assoc. Professor and Graduate Chair
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Hawaii

"Risk and Reliability: A Path Forward"

Robert B. Gilbert, Professor and Phil M. Ferguson Fellow of Civil Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

"The Lessons of Katrina & Rita - Looking Back, Looking Forward"

Paul Olivier

"Hurricane Katrina: Disaster Response, Assistance, and Recovery"

John R. "Jack" Huerkamp. PE
Chief of Operations, Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans, Louisiana

What is "Category 5" Protection?

Gregory Miller, Project Manager, Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District, Hurricane Protection Office

"Contaminants and Solid Wastes: Issues and Concerns"

Danny Reible, University of Texas

"The Delta Works: The Dutch Response to the 1953 Floor Disaster"

Robert Hoeksema (author of Designed for Dry Feet)
Professor of Engineering, Calvin College

"Relationships between Power and other Critical Energy Infrastructure"

David Dismukes, Professor and Associate Director, Center for Energy Studies, Louisiana State University

"Maintaining Cities in Louisiana's Subsiding Coastal Lowlands"

Sherwood M. Gagliano, President, Coastal Environments, Inc.